A February Mourning

A February MourningHannah WakefieldThe Women’s Press1990

Solicitor-sleuth Dee Street is back and up to her neck in trouble. She doesn’t know where she is, only that she’s lying imprisoned in darkness, either dying or drugged. She has a client in Holloway charged with murder; she’s inherited an unwanted Irish terrorist case from a colleague she never felt easy about hiring in the first place. And she’s trying to come to terms with an uncomfortable truth: mere weeks after calling an end to a long-running love affair, she’s certain she’s pregnant. Her first problem, though, is to figure out how she came to be wherever she is – and how she’s going to get the hell out of there.

Enormously attractive is the voice of the narrator – friendly, ordinary, honest, doubtful, with an unselfrighteous integrity, this voice is intimate and even sexy.

Nicci Gerrard, Women’s Review