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Beyond the Pale: White Women, Racism and History

Beyond the Pale: White Women,
Racism and History
Vron WareVerso1992

From Verso: How have ideas about white women figured in the history of racism? Vron Ware argues that they have been central, and that feminism has, in many ways, developed as a political movement within racist societies. Dissecting the different meanings of femininity and womanhood, Beyond the Pale examines the political connections between black and white women, both within contemporary racism and feminism, as well as in historical examples like the anti-slavery movement and the British campaign against lynching in the United States. Beyond the Pale is a major contribution to anti-racist work, confronting the historical meanings of whiteness as a way of overcoming the moralism that so often infuses anti-racist movements.

Table of Contents

Part One: The White Woman’s Burden?
… Race and Gender in Historical Memory

Part Two: An Abhorrence of Slavery
… Subjection and Subjectivity in Abolitionist Politics

Part Three: Britannia’s Other Daughters
… Feminism in the Age of Imperialism

Part Four: ‘To Make the Facts Known’
… Racial Terror and the Construction of White Femininity

Part Five: Taking the Veil
… Towards a Partnership for Change