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Black Lesbian In White America

Black Lesbian In White AmericaAnita CornwellNaiad Press1983

Published in 1983, Black Lesbian in White America is widely noted as the first collection of essays by a black lesbian. Divided into three parts, this book features Anita Cornwell’s own essays, an interview with Audre Lorde, and a collection of autobiographical pieces written in the third person. Cornwell’s conversational prose is direct and sprinkled with humor, and she doesn’t mince words or worry about offending the sensibilities of straight women or black men when calling them to task.

The thing I find most disturbing regarding womyn in general is the seeming impossibility of their thinking clearly when it comes time to deal with men. Womyn with advanced university degrees often seem utterly unable to dot an i when they are confronted with the realities of man’s barbaric treatment of womin. To put it bluntly, I find it absolutely terrifying to see just how effective men have been in eradicating womyn’s sense of self, a condition that seems to prevail in at least 90 percent of all womyn all over this male-infected globe.

Black Lesbian In White America / page 19.