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Blood Bread & Poetry: Selected Prose 1979 -1985

Blood Bread & Poetry:
Selected Prose 1979 -1985
Adrienne RichWW Norton & Company1986

Examining the connections between history and the imagination, ethics and action, Adrienne Rich explores the possible meanings of being white, female, lesbian, Jewish, and a United States citizen, both at this particular time and through the lens of the past.

Rich not only asserts but demonstrates that every woman’s soul is haunted ‘by the spirits of earlier women who fought for their unmet needs’… Throughout, Rich underscores the duty of American women artists to ‘take women’s existence seriously as a source of art.’ Highly recommended.

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Table of Contents

What Does a Woman Need to Know? (1979)
The Problem of Lorraine Hansberry (1979)
Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence (1980)
Disobedience and Women’s Studies (1981)
Toward a More Feminist Criticism (1981)
Split at the Root: An Essay on Jewish Identity (1982)
The Eye of the Outsider: Elizabeth Bishop’s Complete Poem (1983)
Resisting Amnesia: History and Personal Life (1983)
“Going There” and Being Here (1983)
North American Tunnel Vision (1983)
Blood, Bread and Poetry: The Location of the Poet (1984)
The Soul of a Women’s College (1984)
Invisibility in Academe (1984)
If Not with Others, How? (1985)
Notes toward a Politics of Location (1984)