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Call Me Lesbian: Lesbian Lives, Lesbian Theory

Call Me Lesbian: Lesbian Lives,
Lesbian Theory
Julia PenelopeCrossing Press1992

A collection of essays by lesbian feminist Julia Penelope. According to Sarah Hoagland, Julia Penelope’s books were written specifically to “put lesbian voices out there, enabling us to question what we’d internalized from heteropatriarchy and to develop lesbian meaning.” Hoagland refers to Julia Penelope as “brilliant” and notes that “her papers in linguistics exposed the misogynistic parasitism of patriarchal framings of women and the consequent erasure of lesbians.”

Call Me Lesbian, the long-awaited collection of Julia Penelope’s essays, is a feast of words – vital sustenance for thinking Lesbians. Julia’s experiences – as a little girl Lesbian, an adolescent, a street Lesbian, a stone butch – informs her analyses and opinions of Lesbian life and politics. Her writing is so clear, so concrete, so precise that I wanted to eat it up, chew on it, word by word. The essays moved me to tears, wonder, and gratitude. I recommend it to all Lesbians.

Marilyn Murphy, author of Are You Girls Travelling Alone? Essays in Lesbian Logic

Table of Contents

Introduction by Sarah Hoagland
1: Whose Part are We Reclaiming?
2: Does It Take One to Know One?
3: The Lesbian Perspective
4: Wimmin- and Lesbian-Only Spaces: Thought into Action
5: Do We Mean What We Say? Horizontal Hostility and the World We Would Create
6: Heteropatriarchal Semantics and Lesbian Identity: The Wats a Lesbian Can Be
7: The Lesbian New-Rotics: Bogus or Breakthrough?
8: Controlling Interests, Consuming Passions: Sexual Metaphors
9: Killing Us Softly: A Murder Mystery