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Living With Contradictions: Controversies In Feminist Social Ethics

Living With Contradictions:Controversies In Feminist Social Ethics Alison M. Jaggar Avalon Publishing 1994 Some people believe that feminist ethics is little more than a series of dogmatic positions on issues such as abortion rights, pornography, and affirmative action.This caricature was never true, but Alison Jaggar’s¬†Living with Contradictions¬†is the first book to demonstrate just how rich…

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Decisions Without Hierarchy: Feminist Interventions in Organization Theory and Practice

Decisions Without Hierarchy:Feminist Interventions inOrganization Theory andPractice Kathleen P. Iannello Routledge 1992 Bringing feminist and organization theory together with feminist organizational practice, Kathleen Iannello provides an insightful analysis that both illustrates and explains the successes and challenges facing non-hierarchical organizations. Decisions Without Hierarchy is part of an important and growing literature on “feminist interventions.” If…

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Look Me in the Eye: Old Women, Aging and Ageism

Look Me in the Eye: Old Women,Aging and Ageism Barbara Macdonald,Cynthia Rich The Women’s Press 1984 Look Me in the Eye is about the ageing of women, and the prejudice that permeates even the language we use to describe it. The authors accuse us of denying our own fear about age, and colluding in a…

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Constructive Criticism: A Handbook

Constructive Criticism: A Handbook Gracie Lyons Inkworks Press 1976 From the introduction: We decide to do criticism not because it is best or most comfortable for us as individuals or as small groups, but because we think it will advance the whole – the whole group, the whole organization, the whole working class – ourselves…

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Love Your Enemy? The Debate Between Heterosexual Feminism and Political Lesbianism

Love Your Enemy? The Debate Between Heterosexual Feminism and PoliticalLesbianism Various Onlywomen Press 1981 From the introduction: “We are publishing this pamphlet because we think the discussion among feminists about political lesbianism is important. The Leeds Revolutionary Feminists paper was originally written as a conference paper and then published in WIRES, the internal national newsletter…