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Chicana Lesbians: The Girls Our Mothers Warned Us About

Chicana Lesbians: The Girls OurMothers Warned Us About Carla Trujillo Third Woman Press 1991 An anthology of poetry, stories, and essays that addresses Chicanas in society, culture, and relationships with other women and themselves. Chicana Lesbians is a love poem, a bible, a dictionary, nothing so simple as a manifesto–this book is yet another reason…

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Blood Bread & Poetry: Selected Prose 1979 -1985

Blood Bread & Poetry: Selected Prose 1979 -1985 Adrienne Rich WW Norton & Company 1986 Examining the connections between history and the imagination, ethics and action, Adrienne Rich explores the possible meanings of being white, female, lesbian, Jewish, and a United States citizen, both at this particular time and through the lens of the past.…

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Lesbian Nation: The Feminist Solution

Lesbian Nation: The Feminist Solution Jill Johnston Simon & Schuster 1973 Lesbian Nation: The Feminist Solution is a 1973 book by the radical lesbian feminist author and cultural critic Jill Johnston. The book was originally published as a series of essays featured in The Village Voice from 1969 to 1972. This collection of essays was an important early manifesto…

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Yours in Struggle: Three Feminist Perspectives on Anti-Semitism and Racism

Yours in Struggle: Three FeministPerspectives on Anti-Semitismand Racism Elly Bulkin, Minnie Bruce Prattand Barbara Smith Long Haul Press 1984 Yours in Struggle is a book of essays jointly authored by Elly Bulkin, Minnie Bruce Pratt, and Barbara Smith. It was originally published by Long Haul Press in 1984, and re-issued by Firebrand Books in 1988. From…

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Black Lesbian In White America

Black Lesbian In White America Anita Cornwell Naiad Press 1983 Published in 1983, Black Lesbian in White America is widely noted as the first collection of essays by a black lesbian. Divided into three parts, this book features Anita Cornwell’s own essays, an interview with Audre Lorde, and a collection of autobiographical pieces written in the third…

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The Black Woman: An Anthology

The Black Woman: An Anthology Toni Cade Bambara Signet 1970 A collection of early, emerging works from some of today’s most celebrated African American female writers. When it was first published in 1970, The Black Woman introduced readers to an astonishing new wave of voices that demanded to be heard. In this groundbreaking volume of original essays,…

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Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology

Home Girls: A BlackFeminist Anthology Barbara Smith Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press 1983 The pioneering anthology Home Girls, edited by Barbara Smith, features writings by Black feminists and lesbian activists on topics both provocative and profound. Since its initial publication in 1983, it has become an essential text on Black women’s lives and writings. From Wikipedia:…

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In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens: Womanist Prose

In Search of Our Mothers’Gardens: Womanist Prose Alice Walker Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1983 From Wikipedia: Published in 1983, In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens: Womanist Prose is a collection composed of 36 separate pieces written by Alice Walker. The essays, articles, reviews, statements, and speeches were written between 1966 and 1982. Many are based on her understanding of “womanist”…

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Motherlands: Black Women’s Writing from Africa, the Caribbean and South Asia

Motherlands: Black Women’s Writingfrom Africa, the Caribbeanand South Asia Shusheila Nasta The Women’s Press 1991 This collection of essays demonstrates the links in women’s creative works from different global areas, specifically as demonstrated in their attempts to discover new forms and languages to express women’s experiences in patriarchal societies and to subvert continuing traditional, colonial,…

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Watchers and Seekers: Creative Writing by Black Women in Britain

Watchers and Seekers: Creative Writing by Black Women in Britain Rhonda Cobham and Merle Collins The Women’s Press 1987 This book is an anthology of some of the most exciting work being written and performed by Black women in Britain. Poems and short stories by African and Asian women, the collection casts an incisive eye…