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The Lesbian Heresy: a Feminist Perspective on the Lesbian Sexual Revolution

The Lesbian Heresy: a Feminist Perspectiveon the Lesbian Sexual Revolution Sheila Jeffreys Spinifex 1993 Once, lesbian feminists transformed lesbians from a stigmatized sexual practice into a political practice that posed a challenge to male supremacy and its basic institution of heterosexuality. Lesbian feminism sought to overturn the sexual system of male dominance and female submission.…

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Against Sadomasochism: A Radical Feminist Analysis

Against Sadomasochism: ARadical Feminist Analysis Robin Ruth Linden, Darlene R. Pagano,Diana E. H. Russell and Susan Leigh Star Frog in the Well 1982 A 1982 radical feminist anthology edited by Robin Ruth Linden, Darlene R. Pagano, Diana E. H. Russell, and Susan Leigh Star. The essays in the book critique sadomasochism and BDSM from a…


Pornography and Silence: Culture’s Revenge

Pornography and Silence:Culture’s Revenge Susan Griffin The Women’s Press 1981 A profound analysis of how pornography impacts on the relationship between men and women. Maintaining that sado-masochism has become endemic to our society, Griffin considers pornography as a crucial expression of modern culture and surveys the plots and images of pornographic books, movies, and magazines.…

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Letters from a War Zone

Letters from a War Zone Andrea Dworkin Dutton Books 1989 Reflections on writing and writers, freedom of speech and censorship, pornography, violence against women, and the politics of our time. Table of Contents Introduction Part One: Take Back the Night… The Lie… The Night and Danger… Pornography and GriefPart Two: Words… The Power of Words……

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Intercourse Andrea Dworkin Free Press 1987 From Wikipedia: Intercourse is a 1987 book by Andrea Dworkin, in which the author offers a radical feminist analysis of sexual intercourse in literature and society. Dworkin is often said to argue that “all heterosexual sex is rape”, based on the line from the book that says “violation is a synonym for intercourse.” However, Dworkin…

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Pornography: Men Possessing Women

Pornography: Men PossessingWomen Andrea Dworkin G.P. Putnam Sons 1981 Pornography: Men Possessing Women is a 1981 book about pornography in which Andrea Dworkin analyzes (and extensively cites examples drawn from) contemporary and historical pornography as an industry that hates and dehumanizes women. Dworkin argues that the industry is implicated in violence against women, both in its production (through the abuse of the…

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The Pornography of Representation

The Pornography of Representation Susanne Kappeler University ofMinnesota Press 1986 This book marks a radical and powerful intervention in traditional arguments about pornography. Kappeler re-examines the artistic distinctions between fantasy and reality, pornography and erotica, and challenges the legal definition of obscenity as well as the intellectual defence of ‘freedom of expression’. By linking images…

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Pornography & Civil Rights: A New Day for Women’s Equality

Pornography & Civil Rights:A New Day for Women’s Equality Andrea Dworkin,Catharine MacKinnon Organizing AgainstPornography 1988 Pornography is central in creating and maintaining the civil inequality of the sexes. Pornography is a systematic practice of exploitation and subordination based on sex which differentially harms women…” With those bold words began the groundbreaking local anti-pornography law drafted…

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Making Violence Sexy: Feminist Views on Pornography

Making Violence Sexy: Feminist Views on Pornography Diana E.H. Russell (ed) Teachers College Press 1993 Making Violence Sexy chronicles women’s resistance to pornography over the last twenty years. It does this in a collection of feminist articles, including testimonies by victims/survivors of pornography that together make a convincing case for the view that pornography (as…

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Identity Politics: Lesbian Feminism and the Limits of Community

Identity Politics: Lesbian Feminism and the Limits of Community Shane Phelan Temple University Press 1989 In tracing how lesbian feminism came to be defined in uneasy relationships with the Women’s Movement and gay rights groups, Shane Phelan explores the tension between liberal ideals of individual rights and tolerance and communitarian ideals of solidarity. The debate…