Essays Jewish Women of Colour

Yours in Struggle: Three Feminist Perspectives on Anti-Semitism and Racism

Yours in Struggle: Three FeministPerspectives on Anti-Semitismand Racism Elly Bulkin, Minnie Bruce Prattand Barbara Smith Long Haul Press 1984 Yours in Struggle is a book of essays jointly authored by Elly Bulkin, Minnie Bruce Pratt, and Barbara Smith. It was originally published by Long Haul Press in 1984, and re-issued by Firebrand Books in 1988. From…

Essays Lesbian Women of Colour

Black Lesbian In White America

Black Lesbian In White America Anita Cornwell Naiad Press 1983 Published in 1983, Black Lesbian in White America is widely noted as the first collection of essays by a black lesbian. Divided into three parts, this book features Anita Cornwell’s own essays, an interview with Audre Lorde, and a collection of autobiographical pieces written in the third…

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The Black Woman: An Anthology

The Black Woman: An Anthology Toni Cade Bambara Signet 1970 A collection of early, emerging works from some of today’s most celebrated African American female writers. When it was first published in 1970, The Black Woman introduced readers to an astonishing new wave of voices that demanded to be heard. In this groundbreaking volume of original essays,…

History Literature Women of Colour

Reconstructing Womanhood: The Emergence of the Afro-American Woman Novelist

Reconstructing Womanhood: TheEmergence of the Afro-AmericanWoman Novelist Hazel V. Carby Oxford University Press 1987 A cultural history of the work of nineteenth-century black women writers, this volume traces the emergence of the novel as a forum for political and cultural reconstruction, examining the ways in which dominant sexual ideologies influenced the literary conventions of women’s…

Essays Intersectionality Lesbian Women of Colour

Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology

Home Girls: A BlackFeminist Anthology Barbara Smith Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press 1983 The pioneering anthology Home Girls, edited by Barbara Smith, features writings by Black feminists and lesbian activists on topics both provocative and profound. Since its initial publication in 1983, it has become an essential text on Black women’s lives and writings. From Wikipedia:…

Collection Intersectionality Women of Colour

Women, Culture, and Politics

Women, Culture, and Politics Angela Y. Davis Random House 1989 Women, Culture, and Politics is a collection of speeches and writings by political activist Angela Davis which address the political and social changes of the past decade as they are concerned with the struggle for racial, sexual, and economic equality. Table of Contents On Women…

Intersectionality Theory Women of Colour

Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment

Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge,Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment Patricia Hill Collins Hyman 1990 In Black Feminist Thought, originally published in 1990, Patricia Hill Collins set out to explore the words and ideas of Black feminist intellectuals and writers, both within the academy and without. Here Collins provides an interpretive framework for the work of such prominent Black…

Intersectionality Politics Women of Colour

Beyond the Pale: White Women, Racism and History

Beyond the Pale: White Women,Racism and History Vron Ware Verso 1992 From Verso: How have ideas about white women figured in the history of racism? Vron Ware argues that they have been central, and that feminism has, in many ways, developed as a political movement within racist societies. Dissecting the different meanings of femininity and…

Intersectionality Socialism Women of Colour

Towards an Anti-Racist Feminism

Towards an Anti-Racist Feminism Jenny Bourne Institute of Race Relations 1984 This pamphlet looks at the parallels between racism and women’s oppression and the struggles within feminism to overcome its own racism. Purchase the full text from the Institute of Race Relations. Feminism locates the oppression of women not merely in the individualised actions of men…

History Women of Colour

The Heart of the Race: Black Women’s Lives in Britain

The Heart of the Race: BlackWomen’s Lives in Britain Beverly Bryan, Stella Dadzie and Suzanne Scafe Virago 1985 This book records what life is like for the Black women in Britain: grandmothers drawn to the promise of the ‘mother country’ in the 1950s talk of a different reality; young girls describe how their aspirations at…