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Caught In The Crisis: Women and The U.S. Economy Today

Caught In The Crisis: Women
and The U.S. Economy Today
Teresa AmottMonthly Review Press1993

Women have entered the job market in increasing numbers since the 1960s. But as Theresa Amott shows, there is still vast gender inequality in income, wealth, and occupational distribution. Women, Amott explains, face gender discrimination by employers, the juggling of parental and household responsibilities, and an unreliable economy. In a short survey, ranging from managerial and professional positions to clerical and manufacturing work, and across such policy issues as health care, welfare, and child care, Caught in the Crisis demonstrates that women have carried a heavy economic burden in recent decades. In a concluding chapter, Amott assesses the kinds of organizing efforts that may help transform the family, economy, and state, leading to more equitable relations.

Fills a glaring gap in the available literature on the subject of women and the economy… in a form understandable to the general reader.

National Women’s Studies Association Journal