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Feminist Issues in Literary Scholarship

Feminist Issues in
Literary Scholarship
Shari Benstock (ed)Indiana University Press1987

Feminist Issues in Literary Scholarship explores the aesthetic and political issues inherent in feminist critical theory and practice, taking as its subject a variety of literary texts written by women in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This collection of essays reflects the diversity of feminist reading strategies and the premises that undergird such interpretative efforts.

I took my lyre and said:

Come now, my heavenly
tortoise shell: become
a speaking instrument.

Fragment 8, Sappho; A New Translation by Mary Barnard
(Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1958),
unpaginated. In Feminist Issues / page 1.

Table of Contents

Introduction / Catharine R. Stimpson
Beyond the Reaches of Feminist Criticism: A Letter from Paris / Shari Benstock
Women’s Time, Women’s Space: Writing the History of Feminist Criticism / Elaine Showalter
The Madwoman and Her Languages: Why I Don’t Do Feminist Literary Theory / Nina Bayn
Escaping the Sentence: Diagnosis and Discourse in “The Yellow Wallpaper” / Paula A. Treichler
Still Practice, A/Wrested Alphabet: Toward a Feminist Aesthetic / Jane Marcus
Toward a Women’s Poetics / Josephine Donovan
Gender, Values, and Lessing’s Cats / Judith Kegan Gardiner
Making – and Remaking – History: Another Look at “Patriarchy” / Judith Newton
Feminist Criticism: How Do We Know When We’ve Won? / Lillian S. Robinson
Engorging the Patriarchy / Nina Auerbach
To Write My Self: The Autobiographies of Afro-American Women / Elizabeth Fox-Genovese
A Hateful Passion, A Lost Love / Hortense J. Spillers
Modernism of the “Scattered Remnant”: Race and Politics in H.D.’s Development / Susan Stanford Friedman