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Feminist Revolution: Redstockings

Feminist Revolution:
Kathie Sarachild (ed)Random House New York1975

A history and analysis of key issues in the rebirth years of the Women’s Liberation Movement embodying the principle of radical history–that of seeing our own personal and political experience as history and drawing lessons from it and other movements for future actions.

This journal is dedicated:

– to Simone de Beauvoir, the French woman who exposed male supremacy for this era, and gave us our feminism…

– and to the women and men of the black liberation movement of the U.S.A. who taught us directly the power and beauty of the masses of people, and so taught us the truth about women…

– to all the oppressed of this earth whose dynamism and strength is stolen for exploitation by others and who fly when they break their chains.

Feminist Revolution / front matter

Table of Contents

Part One: Holding on to What We’ve Won
… The Power of History / Kathie Sarachild
… Letter on Movement Pioneers / Patricia Mainardi
… The Truth About the British Suffragettes / Faye Levine

Part Two: Resistances to Women’s Consciousness
… Psychological Terrorism / Kathie Sarachild
… Et Terrorisme Psychologique / Claudine Serre
… Consequences of the Conditioning Line / Barbara Leon
… The Myth of Docility / Faye Levine
… Men’s Liberation / Carol Hanish
… Voice of the Future / Michele Wallace
… To Julia de Burgos / Julia de Burdos
… The Retreat to Cultural Feminism / Brooke
… What’s Wrong with Sex Role Theory / Brooke

Part Three: The Pro-Woman Line on Work
… New Ways of Keeping Women Out of Paid Labor / Colette Price
… The Housework Poster Rip-Off / Shirley Boccaccio
… Mother Work-Mother Love / R.L. Annchild
… Women Artists and Women’s Studies / Patricia Mainardi

Part Four: The Pro-Woman Approach to Sex
… The Marriage Question / Patricia Mainardi
… In Favor of True Love Over Settling / Joyce O’Brien
… Letter to a Lover When She Left Him
… The Male Supremacist Attack on Monogamy / Barbara Leon
… Four Types of Men / Faye Levine
… Italian Women Speak Up for Abortion / Edith Schloss
… The First Self Help Clinic / Colette Price
… Sex & the Women’s Liberation Movement

Part Five: Organizing
… Consciousness-Raising: A Radical Weapon / Kathie Sarachild
… Thoughts on Consciousness-Raising / Anne Forer
… Separate to Integrate / Barbara Leon
… Going for What We Really Want / Kathie Sarachild
… The Double Standard of Organization / Elizabeth Most

Part Six: The Liberal Takeover of Women’s Liberation
… The Liberal Takeover of Women’s Liberation / Carol Hanish
… Ms. Politics & Editing: An Interview
… The Conservatism of Ms. / Ellen Willis
… On the National Black Feminist Organization / Michele Wallace
… Tactics and Tools / the Third World Women’s Alliance

Part Seven: Building a Real Left
… An Experience With Worker Consciousness-Raising / Carol Hanish
… Blacks, Women, and the Movement in SCEF / Carol Hanish
… Letter to a Folksinger / Carol Hanish
… The Pseudo-Left/Lesbian Alliance Against Feminism / Redstockings
… Stop Leaving Women Our of the Proletariat / Rosario Morales

Appendix Source Materials

This renews and strengthens. It is necessary, urgently important source thinking (cutting thru the partial, the paralyzing). Old and new clarities (understandings of the past, present), directions in which we can move, emerge.

Tillie Olsen
“The Power of History” by Kathie Sarachild / Feminist Revolution / page 43
“Consciousness-Raising: A Radical Weapon” by Kathie Sarachild / Feminist Revolution / page 150

Feminist Revolution must be taken seriously by everyone who is concerned with what happened and is going to happen in the women’s movement. I don’t agree with all of it but the brilliance and honesty of its basic insights break through the rhetorical cliches and illuminate my own experience. It gave me new hope.

Betty Friedan