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Feminist Voices: Women’s Studies Texts for Aotearoa/New Zealand

Feminist Voices: Women’s
Studies Texts for Aotearoa/
New Zealand
Rosemary Du Plessis, Phillida
Bunkle, Kathie Irwin, Alison
J. Laurie, Sue Middleton
Oxford University Press1992

Maori and Pakeha, lesbian and heterosexual, older and younger, working inside or outside universities, the two dozen contributors to Feminist Voices present here their feminist analyses of Aotearoa/New Zealand. They discuss subjects as diverse as rugby, spirituality, the politics of work, science, medicine, education, speaking on the marae, racism, Maori theatre, lesbian studies, women and the State, feminist politics, and what is presented to us as history. The result is diverse, lively, and challenging reading for students of women’s studies and feminist studies, or simply those seeking to understand further the position of women in Aotearoa/New Zealand in the 1990s.

Table of Contents

1. Towards Theories of Maori Feminism / Kathie Irwin
2. Towards an Indigenous University Women’s Studies for Aotearoa: A Pakeha Educationist’s Perspective / Sue Middleton
3. A Lesbian-Feminist Approach to the Histories of Aotearoa: A Pakeha Perspective / Julie Glamuzina
4. Speaking the Unspeakable: A Background to Teaching Lesbian Studies in Aotearoa/New Zealand / Alison J. Laurie
5. Becoming Knowers: Feminism, Science, and Medicine / Phillida Bunkle
6. Whanaupani / Pania McArdell
7. Post-Coup Exodus: Indo-Fijian Women Migrants in New Zealand / Shaista Shameem
8. Joint Custody, Gender, and Power / Anne Opie
9. Undying Love, Resisting Pleasures: Women Watch Telerugby / Lynne Star
10. Another Pair of Eyes: Women’s Spirituality and Feminist Politics / Lynne Alice
11. Confirming Identity and Telling the Stories: A Women’s Perspective on Maori Theatre / Roma Potiki
12. On His Terms: Gender and the Politics of Domestic Life / Ruth Habgood.
13. Feminism and Sex Work: Connections and Contradictions / Jan Jordan
14. Daring or Deluded: A Case Study in Feminist Management: Mary O’Regan in interview with Mary Varnham
15. Stating the Contradictions: The Case of Women’s Employment / Rosemary Du Plessis
16. Handling the Hydra: Feminist Analyses of the State / Nicola Armstrong
17. To Market and Home Again: Gender and the New Right / Anne Else
18. The Use of Economic Orthodoxy to Justify Inequality: A Feminist Critique / Prue Hyman
19. Towards a Feminist Jurisprudence in Aotearoa / Margaret A. Wilson
20. Kia Mau, Kia Manawanui: We Will Never Go Away: Experiences of a Maori Lesbian Feminist / Ngahuia Te Awekeluku
21. Looking in My Own Back Yard: The Search for White Feminist Theaories of Racism for Aotearoa / Deborah Jones
22. Radical Feminism in New Zealand: From Piha to Newtown / Alison Jones and Camille Guy
23. Pacific Connections: Women and the Peace Movement in Aotearoa / Hilda Halkyard-Harawira and Katie Boanas
24. Ecofeminism, Women, and Nature / Christine Dann