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For the Record: The Making and Meaning of Feminist Knowledge

For the Record: The making
and meaning of feminist
Dale SpenderThe Women’s Press1985

For the Record is Dale Spender’s own account of the work of feminist writers and theorists of the last twenty years. Her account begins with the publication of Betty Friedan’s pioneering work, The Feminine Mystique, which blew apart the myth of the happy housewife. Unhappiness was not an individual fault; it was related tot he expectations society had of women.

There was an explosion of feminist writing in 1970, when Shulamith Firestone, Germaine Greer, Kate Millett and Robin Morgan were published for the first time. This was a time of heady discovery: women were coming together in consciousness raising groups to hammer out a theory of women’s oppression. The women’s liberation movement took off.

Table of Contents

Introduction: All things to all woen
1. Who Knows? The starting point of Betty Friedan
2. A Very Good Year: The women’s liberation movement
3. On Changing Thinking: Ask a feminist
4. Men as the Enemy: Kate Millett’s politics
5. Facts are Irrelevant: Germaine Greer’s power
6. The Living Evidence: Robin Morgan’s personal/political
7. Women and Children: Shulamith Firestone’s solution
8. Suspect Woman: Eva Figes’ attitude
9. Can Men Qualify? Alice Rossi’s political is personal
10. A Lot to Learn: Juliet Mitchell’s thoery
11. Model Knowledge-making: Ann Oakley’s research
12. All Things Being Equal: Phyllis Chesler’s superiority
13. The Knowledge Explosion: Woman as reference
14. Necessary Diversity: Variety and omission
15. Double Vision: Adrienne Rich and Mary Daly
16. Account Rendered: Writers’ response to writing