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Hens in the Hay

Hens in the HayChris Cherry, Ellen Galford, Joy Pitman, Lorna Mitchell, Stephanie MarkmanStramullion1980

The first ever book published by Stramullion: a Scottish-based feminist publishing collective. From the introduction: “We were scared about publishing these poems. There was a terrible feeling of self-exposure, of lack of confidence. So why did we bother? We wanted to see some end product from the group, and we wanted to work together on a project. There must be thousands of women writing, yet it’s very difficult to get published. We hoped we might encourage other women to write, to feel good about writing, to share and publish their poetry too. We don’t think of ourselves as being ‘special’ because we write, and hope you won’t either. Please read the poems as you would look at a table somebody had carved, something we have put a lot of work into, to be enjoyed or not enjoyed and used for your own purposes. Most of all, though, we hope you will enjoy them.”

Table of Contents:

Joy Pitman

lesbian poem
A Lover
Five cynical songs
Christmas poem

Lorna Mitchell

For Helen June 1974
Love is remembering the happy times
Identity crisis
Sequence for a best friend

Stephanie Markman

you my little fish
Irene sitting at the dressing closet
don’t get too close
how many times now
women are born
I hate myself
back to earth
the male tradition