Indigenous Sociology

I Am Woman: A Native Perspective on Sociology and Feminism

I Am Woman: A Native Perspective
on Sociology and Feminism
Lee MaracleWrite-On Press Publishers1988

Lee Maracle’s visionary book I Am Woman links teaching of her First Nations heritage with feminism. In her own words:

I Am Woman represents my personal struggle with womanhood, culture, traditional spiritual beliefs and political sovereignty, written during a time when that struggle was not over. My original intention was to empower Native women to take to heart their own personal struggle for Native feminist being. The changes made in this second edition of the text do not alter my original intention. It remains my attempt to present a Native woman’s sociological perspective on the impacts of colonialism on us, as women, and on my self personally.

Lee Maracle

Table of Contents

1. I Want to Write
2. I Am Woman
3. Isn’t Love a Given?
4. My Love
5. Law, Politics and Tradition
6. Rusty
7. Black Robes
8. The 1950s
9. Heartless Teachers
10. L’ilwat Child
11. Education
12. The Rebel
13. Party Down!
14. Another Side of Me
15. Pork Chops and Applesauce
16. Normal vs. Natural
17. The Women’s Movement
18. Flowers