I Never Told Her I Loved Her

I Never Told Her I Loved HerSandra ChickThe Women’s Press1989

“You’ll miss me one day”, her Mum said. “When you’re dead I’ll be able to do what I want! I can’t wait”, Frankie had replied. Now her Mother is dead and Frankie remembers these words, and others. She feels totally lost, wondering how she is supposed to be feeling, and wishing she hadn’t been so cruel. And though she thinks about her mother fondly, she still can’t forget how she gave into Frankie’s Dad too often and didn’t fight back. Frankie feels guilty… When She discovers her father crying in the kitchen he yells at her “Nothing’s wrong. Leave me alone”, and she is hurt, and confused… What do people expect of her?

I Never Told Her I Loved Her is a novel which deals with the subject of teenage bereavement, focusing on the emotions of a girl who has lost her mother and now regrets fighting with her, wishing she could take back the angry things she said.