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Inland Passage

Inland PassageJane Rulethe Naiad Press1985

Why does Dulce have so profound an impact on the artistic lives around her? A lesbian has ended her conventional marriage and is free – or is she? In the most traditional of romantic settings, on board a ship that travels the Inland Passage, two women discover new possibilities … These and many other soul-deep, gentle tales explore the conventional and unconventional relationships in all oue lives – relationships among lovers and friends and wives and husbands, and children and family … and the power we all have to sometimes damage, sometimes ennoble those around us. The broad range and depth of these stories, their insight and humanity, reflect the fully matured talent of Jane Rule.

Table of Contents

His nor Hers
The Real World
A Matter of Numbers
One Can of Soup at a Time
A Chair for George
Seaweed and Song
Musical Beds
A Migrant Christmas
You Cannot Judge a Pumpkin’s Happiness by the Smile Upon Its Face
More than Money
The Investment Years
A Good Kid in a Troubled World
The End of Summer
The Pruning of the Apple Trees
Inland Passage
Blessed Are the Dead
Power Failure