Life on the Edge

Life on the EdgeJudy HoracekSpinifex1992

From Spinifex: Life on the Edge is a whole book of laughter by one of Australia’s most irrepressible cartoonists. Judy Horacek can make you laugh about love and loss, about science and postmodernism, about serious social issues and the light-hearted events of life. They will make you laugh on the way to heaven, or the revolution, or over the edge.

Judy Horacek’s work … is a serious challenge to the established order.

Dale Spender

From Judy Horacek: This is my first book, originally published in 1992 by Spinifex with a wonderful foreword by Dale Spender about women and humour.  The second edition came out in 2003 and in addition has an afterword by me, reflecting on over a decade of cartooning to try to change the world.  Life on the Edge gathers cartoons done for many different publications and organisations and contains some classic cartoons.  Some of them, such as ‘Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde’ and ‘Animal Impersonations’  nails their respective issues so well I’m not sure I’ll ever better them.  Aah those crazy days of starting out as a cartoonist, when every issue was lying there just waiting.

Dr Jekyll & Mrs Hyde by Judy Horacek