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More Serious Pleasure: Lesbian Erotic Stories and Poetry

More Serious Pleasure:
Lesbian Erotic Stories and
Sheba Collective (ed)Sheba Feminist Press1990

Serious Pleasure broke new ground. Now More Serious Pleasure goes further, with sustained and gripping fiction. Fantastical, realistic, hot, gentle … there’s pleasure for everyone. Read compelling new stories by familiar Sheba authors Fiona Cooper, Jewelle Gomez, Storme Webber, Cherry Smyth, Liann Snow and Barbara Smith. Thrill to the new voices of Spike Pittsberg, Susie W., Sapphire, and many many others.

Serious Pleasure is a book whose time is long overdue … I for one hope that it is something they (Sheba) will want to do again.

Barbara Burford, Spare Rib

Table of Contents

Piece of Time / Jewelle Gomez
Material Girls / Spike Pittsberg
Response/Ability / Alissa Blackman
Suddenly One Summer / Esther Y. Khan and L.A. Levy
Cancer of the Stars / Eleanor Dare
Imprecise Complications / Storme Webber
Take Your Clothes Off / Jeannie Brehaut
Eat / Sapphire
Dolphins / Caroline Halliday
Maeve and Beth Go Shopping / Cherry Smyth
Agrology / Terri L. Jewell
Sherlock Holmes and La Dolce Vita / Isabel Ross
Rush Hour With Rhiann / Linda Devo
Anemone Woman / Berta R. Freistadt
Rotary Spokes Meets Tallulah The Bag Lady / Fiona Cooper
Untitled Poem I / Storme Webber
Upstairs There Is A Room With A Bed / Ingrid Macdonald
Sonnet Gold and Bronze / Jewelle Gomez
Kid’s Stuff / Liann Snow
Miss Frobisher’s Dream / Rosie Cullen
How to Suck Them Neckbones / Terri L. Jewell
Fuck the Computer / Tina Bays
Sex and Water / Sarah Kay
I Watch As You Undress / Julie A. Bennett
Remembrance Sunday / Daisy Kempe
Neat As An Oyster / Berta R. Freistadt
It’s Ollie You Cruised at the Doctors / Jo Fisk
Elemental Haiku Sequence / Jewelle Gomez
Rough Trade / Susie Q
Apples With Rosie / Jo Smith
Don’t Put Your Daughter On The Bottle, Mrs. Byrne / Hilary West
Lunch With Carla / Anna-Marie Smith
That Timely Nuance / Marnia Montague
Water Beasts / Berta R. Freistadt
Exercising Restraint / Barbara Smith
She Made No Sound / Storme Webber
The Sheba Collective