Postmodernism Theory

Nothing Mat(t)ers: a Feminist Critique of Postmodernism

Nothing Mat(t)ers: a Feminist Critique
of Postmodernism
Somer BrodribbSpinifex1992

Lévi-Strauss tried to convince women that we are spoken, exchanged like words; Lacan tried to teach women we can’t speak, because the phallus is the original signifier; and then Derrida says that it doesn’t matter, it’s just talk. Foucault, Derrida, Lacan, Nietzsche: the chant resonates through universities around the world. Have you ever tried to untangle the words of postmodernist theorists? How to find your way through the labyrinth to sense and clarity? If so, this is the book for you.

This brave, brilliant (and funny!) book by a Canadian feminist is the antidote for intellectual toxicities caused by decentered deconstructionist detritus. The Plucky Wench of the Year Awards definitely goes to Brodribb, for proving the emperor has no clothes or brains.

Ms. Magazine, May/June 1993

Table of Contents


Introduction: The Labyrinth
Chapter 1: A Space Odyssey
Chapter 2: Nothingness and De/generation
Chapter 3: Existence and Death
Chapter 4: Neutrality and De/meaning
Chapter 5: Lacan and Irigaray: Ethical Lack and Ethical Presence
Chapter 6: Out of Oblivion