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Radical Feminism

Radical FeminismAnne Koedt, Ellen Levine
and Anita Rapone
Quadrangle Books1973

An anthology of radical feminist writings from the current women’s movement. Forty-five articles ranging from the personal to the theoretical and drawn largely from the feminist annual notes.

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Table of Contents

I. Liberating History
… The First Feminists / Judith Hole and Ellen Levine
… The Trial of Susan B. Anthony

II. Women’s Experience
… Woman and Her Mind: The Story of Everyday Life / Meredith Tax
… Getting Angry / Susi Kaplow
… Woman in the Middle / Florence Rush
… The Bitch Manifesto / Joreen
… Why I Want a Wife / Judy Syfers
… Men and Violence / WBAI Consciousness Raising
… Speaking Out on Prostitution / Susan Brownmiller
… Man-Hating / Pamela Kearon
… Black Feminism / Cellestine Ware
… Loving Another Woman Interview
… A Feminist Look at Children’s Books Feminists on Children’s Media
… Independence From the Sexual Revolution / Dana Densmore
… Feminist Graffiti / Ellen Levine

III. Theory and Analysis
… The Building of the Gilded Cage / Jo Freeman
… Abortion Law Repeal (sort of): a Warning to Women / Lucinda Cisler
… Jane Crow and the Law / Pauli Murray and Mary Eastwood
… Psychology Constructs the Female / Naomi Weisstein
… The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm / Anne Koedt
… Housework: Slavery or Labor of Love / Betsy Warrior
… Marriage / Sheila Cronan
… ADC: Marriage to the State / André Leo
… Rape: An Act of Terror / Barbara Mehrhof and Pamela Kearon
… Radical Feminism 1 / Bonnie Kreps
… The Woman Identified Woman / Radicalesbians
… Lesbianism and Feminism / Anne Koedt
… The Spiritual Dimension of Women’s Liberation / Mary Daly

IV. Building a Movement
… Free Space / Pamela Allen
… Consciousness / Raising
… Consciousness Raising: A Dead End? / Carol Williams Payne
… The Tyranny of Structurelessness / Joreen
… Editorial: Notes From the Third Year
… Congress to Unite Women: A Report From the New York November, 1969 Meeting
… Women and the Radical Movement / Anne Koedt
… The Fourth World Manifesto / Barbara Burris
… The Selling of a Feminist / Claudia Dreifus

… Sexual Politics: A Manifesto for Revolution by Kate Millett
… The Feminists: A Political Organization to Annihilate Sex Roles
… Politics of the Ego: A Manifesto for New York Radical Feminists
… Westchester Radical Feminists

V. The Arts
… Women Writers and the Female Experience / Elaine Showalter
… The Body is the Role: Sylvia Plath / Anita Rapone
… Women’s Private Writings: Anaïs Nin / Ann Snitow
… A Woman’s Place is in the Oven / Sherry Sonnett Trumbo