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Recasting Women: Essays in Colonial History

Recasting Women: Essays in Colonial HistoryKukum Sangari and Sudesh VaidKali for Women1989

From Zubaan: This collection of essays stands at an unarticulated conjuncture within the feminist movement and women’s studies that have emerged in India since the 1970s. The anthology attempts to explore the inter-relation of patriarchies with political economy, law, religion and culture and to suggest a different history of ‘reform’ movements, and of class and gender relations. The book seeks to uncover the dialectical relation of feminism and patriarchy both in the policies of the colonial State and the politics of anticolonial movements. The writers in this volume include scholars from various disciplines.

Table of Contents

1. Recasting Women: An Introduction / Kukum Sangari and Sudesh Vaid
2. Whatever Happened to the Vedic Dasi? Orientalism, Nationalism and a Script for the Past / Uma Chakravarti
3. Contentious Traditions: The Debate on Sati in Colonial India / Lata Mani
4. Marginalization of Women’s Popular Culture in Nineteenth Century Bengal / Sumanta Banerjee
5. That Magic Time: Women in the Telangana People’s Struggle / Vasantha Kannabiran
6. Feminist Consciousness in Women’s Journals in Hindi: 1910-1920 / Vir Bharat Talwar
7. The Nationalist Resolution of the Women’s Question / Partha Chatterjee
8. Tracing Savitri’s Pedigree: Victorian Racism and the Image of Women in Indo-Anglian Literature / Susie Tharu
9. Working Women in Colonial Bengal: Modernization and Marginalization / Nirmala Banerjee
10. Customs in a Peasant Economy: Women in Colonial Haryana / Prem Chowdhry
11. Rural Women in Oudh 1917-1947: Baba Ram Chandra and the Women’s Question / Kapil Kumar