Sybil: The Glide of Her Tongue

Sybil: The Glide of Her TongueGillian HanscombeSpinifex1992

Lesbians are often told that we have no culture, that we have no history, and yet lesbians are always rediscovering hidden histories, literary traditions, codes and behaviours that have been obscured, obliterated or proclaimed irrelevant. Sybil: The Glide of Her Tongue challenges that version of the past, and Gillian Hanscombe has written an exhilarating and richly textured collection of poems.

Gillian Hanscombe performs a feat of lesbian imagination in this stunning sequence. Her sybilic voice, familiar and strange at once, radiates both vision and anger in prose that echoes the music of our thoughts back to us.

Daphne Marlatt