Education History Sociology

The Knowledge Explosion: Generations of Feminist Scholarship

The Knowledge Explosion: Generations of Feminist Scholarship Dale Spender and Cheris Kramarae Teachers College Press 1992 The Knowledge Explosion documents the problems and possibilities for women’s studies, and exposes the resistance to women’s initiatives, authority and autonomy. Contributors offer insights into debates surrounding the nature of knowledge, the multiple realities of female experience, dominance and…

Dictionary Language

A Feminist Dictionary

A Feminist Dictionary Cheris Kramarae,Paula A. Treichler (eds) Pandora 1985 This is a dictionary with a difference. It places women at the center of language and uses definition and quotation to take us on a fascinating journey through the development and use of the English language from diverse feminist perspectives. A Feminist Dictionary illustrates women’s…

Communication Technology

Technology and Women’s Voices: Keeping in Touch

Technology and Women’s Voices:Keeping in Touch Cheris Kramarae (ed) Routledge & KeganPaul 1988 I feel like asking my boss, “What do you think I am – an extension of the machine?” Clerical worker quoted in Race Against Time When we put women at the centre of discussion of technological processes, male biases and ideologies become…