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Feminist Thought: A Comprehensive Introduction

Feminist Thought: AComprehensive Introduction Rosemarie Tong Westview Press 1989 In this survey of feminist theory, Rosemarie Tong provides coverage of the psychoanalytic, existential and postmodern schools of feminism. The author guides the reader through the complexities of even the most notoriously difficult thinkers. Students will meet and become familiar with many of the essential figures…

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Feminist Philosophies

Feminist Philosophies Janet A. Kourany,James P. Sterba,Rosemarie Tong (eds) Prentice Hall 1992 This anthology of 40 readings is the only one of its kind to combine an extensive discussion of the major problems confronting women with an in-depth analysis of the alternative theoretical and practical means for resolving these issues. It includes race-based critiques as…