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Vital Ties

Vital Ties Karen Kringle Spinsters Ink 1992 In her rural Wisconsin community in the 1950s, 20-year-old Clare Lewis’s determination to own her own farm is ridiculed as beyond a woman’s abilities. No bank will grant her a loan, and her father plans to leave the family dairy farm to her mediocre brother Harry. Unexpectedly, Clare’s…

Ageism Conflict

Look Me in the Eye: Old Women, Aging and Ageism

Look Me in the Eye: Old Women,Aging and Ageism Barbara Macdonald,Cynthia Rich The Women’s Press 1984 Look Me in the Eye is about the ageing of women, and the prejudice that permeates even the language we use to describe it. The authors accuse us of denying our own fear about age, and colluding in a…