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Talking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black

Talking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking Blackbell hooksSheba Feminist Press1989

In childhood, bell hooks was taught that “talking back” meant speaking as an equal to an authority figure and daring to disagree and/or have an opinion. In this collection of personal and theoretical essays, hooks reflects on her signature issues of racism and feminism, politics and pedagogy. Among her discoveries is that moving from silence into speech is for the oppressed, the colonized, the exploited, and those who stand and struggle side by side, a gesture of defiance that heals, making new life and new growth possible.

Table of Contents

1. introductions: some opening remarks
2. talking back
3. “when i was a young soldier for the revolution”: coming to voice
4. feminism: a transformational politic
5. on self-recovery
6. feminist theory: a radical agenda
7. feminist scholarship: ethical issues
8. toward a revolutionary feminist pedagogy
9. black and female: reflections on graduate school
10. on being black at yale: education as the practice of freedom
11. keeping close to home: class and education
12. violence in intimate relationship: a feminist perspective
13. feminism and militarism: a comment
14. pedagogy and political commitment: a comment
15. feminist politicisation: a comment
16. overcoming white supremacy: a comment
17. homophobia in black communities
18. feminist focus on men: a comment
19. “whose pussy is this”: a feminist comment
20. black women writing: creating more space
21. Ain’t I A Woman: looking back
22. writing autobiography
23. to gloria, who is she: on using a pseudonym
24. interview
25. black women and feminism