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Test Tube Women: What Future for Motherhood?

Test Tube Women: What Future for Motherhood?Rita Arditti, Renate Klein and Shelley MindenPandora1984

This anthology is the first feminist collection of articles about both old and new reproductive technologies. It significantly influences feminist thought and action concerning these technologies. One of the goals of the book is to help us decide whether we as feminists should endorse them.

Table of Contents

1. Indhold: A Yenga Tale / Barbara Neely
2. The Meanings of Choice in Reproductive Technology / Barbara Katz Rothman
3. Egg Snatchers / Genoveffa Corea
4. Who Owns the Embryo? / Rebecca Albury
5. Egg Farming and Women’s Future / Julie Murphy
6. From Mice to Men : Implications of Progress in Cloning Research / Jane Murphy
7. Designer Genes / Shelley Minden
8. Inside the Surrogate Industry / Susan Ince
9. An Interview with Mirtha Quintanales / Rita Arditti and Shelley Minden
10. Teenage Oppression and Reproductive Rights / Eleanor Trawick
11. Refusing to Take Women Seriously: “Side Effects” and the Politics of Contraception / Scarlet Pollock
12. Women as Targets in India’s Family Planning Policy / Vimal Balasubrahmanyan
13. Calling the Shots? / Philida Bunkle
14. Subtle Forms of Sterilization Abuse / Adele Clarke
15. Abortion, a Woman’s Matter / K. Kaufmann
16. Technology and Prenatal Femicide / Betty B. Hoskins and Helen Bequaert Holmes
17. If You Would be the Mother of a Son / Kumkum Sangari
18. Abortion of a Special Kind: Male Sex Selection in India / Viola Roggencamp
19. Claiming All of Our Bodies: Reproductive Rights and disabilities / Anne Finger
20. Born and Unborn: the Implications of Reproductive Technologies for People with Disabilities / Marsha Saxton
21. XYLO : a true story / Rayna Rapp
22. Personal Courage is Not Enough: Some Hazards of Childbearing in the 1980s / Ruth Hubbard
23. Reproductive Technologies / Robyn Rowland
24. Children by Donor Insemination: a New Choice for Lesbians / Francie Hornstein
25. Doing it Ourselves: Self Insemination / Renate Duelli Klein
26. Equal Opportunity for Babies? Not in Oakland! Who is going to Rock the Petri Dish? / Nancy Breeze
27. Taking the Initiative: Information Versus Technology in Pregnancy / Maureen Ritchie
28. Regaining Trust / Ruth Holland and Jill McKenna
29. Through the Speculum / Carol Downer
30. Feminist Ethics, Ecology and Vision / Janice Raymond
31. A Womb of One’s Own / Jalna Hanmer
32. The Courage of Sisters / Cris Newport