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The First Sex

The First SexElizabeth Gould DavisPutnam1971

From Wikipedia: The First Sex is a 1971 book by Elizabeth Gould Davis, aimed to show that early human society consisted of matriarchal “queendoms” based around worship of the “Great Goddess”, and characterised by pacifism and democracy.

Gould Davis argued that the early matriarchal societies attained a high level of civilization, which was largely wiped out as a result of the “patriarchal revolution”. She asserted that patriarchy introduced a new system of society, based on property rights rather than human rights, and worshipping a stern and vengeful male deity instead of the caring and nurturing Mother Goddess.

Women are the race itself…… the strong primary sex, and man the biological afterthought.

Elizabeth Gould Davis in The First Sex

The fact is that men need women more than women need men; and so, aware of this fact, man has sought to keep woman dependent upon him economically as the only method open to him of making himself necessary to her. Since in the beginning woman would not become his willing slave, he has wrought through the centuries a society in which woman must serve him if she is to survive.

Elizabeth Gould Davis in The First Sex

In civilized societies today … clitoris envy, or womb envy, takes subtle forms. Man’s constant need to disparage woman, to humble her, to deny her equal rights, and to belittle her achievements — all are expressions of his innate envy and fear.

Elizabeth Gould Davis in The First Sex