The Iron Mouth

The Iron MouthBeryl FletcherSpinifex1992

A novel which follows the narrator, a film-maker, through the process of writing a script. As the script progresses her life begins to take on elements from the script, and with the central motif of her work being Helen of Troy, the lives of all those around her take on a new meaning.

From Spinifex: The first problem is the return of the nightmare. Elena dreams of a white horse lying dead in a river; a mare with a huge pale wound in her side. She lies half out of the water, her wound washed clean and cold by the moving current. Elena attempts to call out the mare’s name but her throat is frozen with grief. Khryse is writing a film script based on The Iliad. As the script unfolds, some of the lives around her begin to unravel. Khryse notices the refracting Homeric world on the border between the modern city and its seafront. Narratives of death, betrayal and glory are entangled in lives disrupted by violence, love, sex and obsession.

The language is a lyrical delight … One is compelled to read on to find out what is going to happen … as they play the games people have played for thousands of years.

Marion Findlay