The Leech

The LeechCora SandelThe Women’s Press1986

As a young woman, Dondi left her home in the Norwegian south for a small town inside the Arctic Circle, to marry Gregor, then a promising young writer. Now, more than a decade later, her children are rebellious, her husband is less than famous, she is miserable to the point of hysteria; and Gregor’s family, middle-class and paralysed by decency, want to get rid of her. It is she, they feel, who has sapped Gregor’s talent.

The action of this intense and subtle drama takes place within forty-eight hours. Passions rise through the long twilight of a midsummer night. Who is responsible for Gregor’s failure, Jonas’ bankruptcy, Lagerta’s sacrificed life, Dondi’s inability to play the role demanded of her? Who has sucked whom dry?