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The Lesbian Heresy: a Feminist Perspective on the Lesbian Sexual Revolution

The Lesbian Heresy: a Feminist Perspective
on the Lesbian Sexual Revolution
Sheila JeffreysSpinifex1993

Once, lesbian feminists transformed lesbians from a stigmatized sexual practice into a political practice that posed a challenge to male supremacy and its basic institution of heterosexuality. Lesbian feminism sought to overturn the sexual system of male dominance and female submission. Lesbian sex and loving was to the egalitarian alternative. There were heretics. A lesbian sex industry is now making a profit from women’s oppression, reaching lesbians to turn the pain of abuse and subordination into ‘pleasure’ and calling this liberation. Sadomasochism, sex toys and porn are being promoted as authentic lesbian sexuality, backed up by sex therapists and poststructuralist theory.

A lesbian ‘sexual revolution’ is fitting lesbians back into the sado-society. Feminist theorist, Sheila Jeffreys, challenges the male supremacist and racist assumptions of the sex industry. The Lesbian Heresy advocates the continued creation of a separate lesbian culture, community, friendship and ethics based on principles of equality and resistance. And once again, lesbian feminists are deemed heretics.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Creation of Sexual Difference
Chapter 2: The Lesbian Sexual Revolution
Chapter 3: Lesbian Sex Therapy
Chapter 4: The Essential Lesbian
Chapter 5: Return to Gender: Postmodernism and Lesbian and Gay Theory
Chapter 6: The Lesbian Outlaw
Chapter 7: A Pale Version of the Male: Lesbians and Gay Male Culture
Chapter 8: A Deeper Separation
Appendix: Sadomasochism: The Erotic Cult of Fascism