The Majority Finds Its Past: Placing Women in History

The Majority Finds Its Past: Placing Women in HistoryGerda LernerOxford University Press1979

Lauded for its contribution to the theory and conceptualization of the field of women’s history and for its sensitivity to the differences of class, ethnicity, race, and culture among women, The Majority Finds Its Past became a classic volume in women’s history following its publication in 1979. This edition includes a foreword by Linda K. Kerber, introducing a new generation of readers to Gerda Lerner’s considerable body of work and highlighting the importance of the essays in this collection to the development of the field that Lerner helped establish.

In a dozen keen and tough-minded essays, Gerda Lerner unravels the triple knots of sex, class and race – and helps American women understand where we must be by showing us so clearly where we have been. A remarkably energetic and energizing book.

Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Table of Contents

1. New Approaches to the Study of Women in American History
2. The Lady and the Mill Girl: Changes in the Status of Women in the Age of Jackson
3. The Feminists: A Second Look
4. Women’s Rights and American Feminism
5. Black Women in the United States: A Problem in Historiography and Interpretation
6. Community Work of Black Club Women
7. Black and White Women in Interaction and Confrontation
8. The Political Activities of Antislavery Women
9. Just a Housewife
10. Placing Women in History: Definitions and Challenges
11. The Majority Finds Its Past
12. The Challenge of Women’s History