Lesbian Literature

The Safe Sea of Women: Lesbian Fiction 1969-1989

The Safe Sea of Women:
Lesbian Fiction 1969-1989
Bonnie ZimmermanBeacon Press1990

From the Preface: The Safe Sea of Women is an overview of the lesbian fiction published primarily by alternative feminist presses in the 1970s and 1980s. I attempt to read this fiction as the collective voice of what we loosely call “the lesbian community.” In doing so, I use the fiction to identify what lesbians of the past two decades believe to be the “truth” about lesbian existence.

The Safe Sea of Women… is and will be the definitive analysis of lesbian fiction for some years to come… It covers almost every lesbian novel published since the beginning of the lesbian movement and describes major themes, changes and transitions in the growth of feminist-era lesbian literature… Probably the most complete analysis of the lesbian-feminist movement to date.”

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Table of Contents

1. “It Makes a Great Story”: Lesbian Culture and the Lesbian Novel
2. “Amazon Expedition”: The Lesbian Self
3. “Lovers in the Present Afternoon”: The Lesbian Couple
4. “An Island of Women”: The Lesbian Community
5. “Doesn’t Always Mean Agreement”: Community and Difference
6. “Where Do We Go from Here?”: The Present Moment