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Theories of Women’s Studies

Theories of Women’s StudiesRenate Klein and Gloria BowlesRoutledge1983

Theories of Women’s Studies is a collection of fourteen papers written by feminist theorists and activists working in the United States, England, and Western Europe. This volume represents an important contribution ot the development and research in women’s studies. It raises and offers initial responses to questions women’s studies must resolve in its second decade as an academic program within higher education, Although most useful for women’s studies practitioners, the volume also conveys to people outside the field a sense of both the problems and the possibilities of this burgeoning area.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Theories of Women’s Studies and the Autonomy Integration Debate / Gloria Bowles and Renate Duelli Klein

Theorising About Theorising / Dale Spender
Is Women’s Studies an Academic Discipline? / Gloria Bowles
Womens’ Studies as an Academic Discipline: Why and How to Do It / Sandra Coyner
Learning Women’s Studies / Taly Rutenberg
Feminism: a Last Chance for the Humanities? / Bari Watkins
How To Do What We Want To Do: Thoughts About Feminist Methodology / Renate Duelli Klein
Passionate Scholarship: Notes on Values, Knowing and Method in Feminist Social Science / Barbara Du Bois
Towards a Methodology for Feminist Research / Maria Mies
The Value of Quantitative Methodology for Feminist Research / Toby Epstein Jayaratne
Experiential Analysis: a Contribution To Feminist Research / Shulamit Reinharz
‘Back Into The Personal’ or: Our Attempt To Construct ‘Feminist Research’ / Liz Stanley and Sue Wise
Women’s Studies as a Strategy For Change: Between Criticism and Vision / Marcia Westkott
In Praise of Theory: the Case For Women’s Studies / Mary Evans

Selected Annotated Bibliography of Articles on Theories of Women’s Studies / Gloria Bowles, Renate Duelli Klein and Taly Rutenberg