Art Autobiography

Through the Flower: My Struggle as a Woman Artist

Through the Flower: my
struggle as a woman artist
Judy ChicagoAnchor Press1975

Judy Chicago – a woman of extraordinary energy, talent, and intelligence – has exhibited her work throughout the country, including many one-woman shows. She has lectured at numerous colleges and universities, pioneered the first women’s art program in the country, and was co-founded of the Feminist Studio Workshop and the Woman’s Building in Los Angeles. She has been instrumental in introducing the idea of female imagery into the art community and in developing a new environment for women artists.

The book encompasses the history of women creators. It englobes universal social factors. It situates the struggle of one woman both as a symbol and as a representative of many. It indicates the pursuit of a center, a strength that is gained. There is so much self-creation in this life that it proves Jung’s assertion that our second birth is our own achievement. This is a unique achievement. She is a leader in the best sense. she shows the way; she shows the tools and the personal integrity and persistence required. She admits her moments of confusion, and weakness, but she also demonstrates the moments of endurance, spiritedness. In fact, it is her spirit that infuses the book with an energy that is contagious. I hope all women will read it. Both the life-giving energy and the broad vision will give birth to woman’s pride in herself.

Anaïs Nin / Through the Flower / Introduction / page xi-xii

Table of Contents

Introduction by Anaïs Nin
1. My Childhood
2. Making a Professional Life and an Equalized Relationship
3. Back to Painting / Getting Married / The Women’s Movement
4. Fresno and the Women’s Program
5. Returning to Los Angeles
6. Womanhouse / Performances
7. Finding MY Way and Discovering Women’s Art
8. Learning from the Past
9. Getting It Together
Afterword by Judy Chicago

“Entry Banner, #2,” “The Dinner Party” Woven from Judy Chicago’s design by the San Francisco Tapestry Workshop under the direction of Jean Pierre LaRochette (1979). Tapestry 38″ x 60″. (Photo: Mary McNally) / Through the Flower