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Towards an Anti-Racist Feminism

Towards an Anti-Racist FeminismJenny BourneInstitute of Race Relations1984

This pamphlet looks at the parallels between racism and women’s oppression and the struggles within feminism to overcome its own racism.

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Feminism locates the oppression of women not merely in the individualised actions of men but in a system of patriarchy. Such a system in its turn is conceived of as incorporating more than just exploitative capitalist relations. So that oppression comes to ‘reflect the hierarchical relations of the sexual and racial division of labor and society.’ Or, as Eisenstein continues, ‘exploitation speaks to the economic reality of capitalist class relations for men and women, whereas oppression refers to women and minorities defines within patriarchal, racist and capitalist relations.’

(Zillah Eisenstein, ‘Developing a theory of capitalist patriarchy’, in Z. Eisenstein (ed.), Capitalist Patriarchy and the Case for Socialist Feminism (New York, 1979).

Jenny Bourne in Towards an Anti-Racist Feminism