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Twist and Shout: A Decade of Feminist Writing in ‘This Magazine’

Twist and Shout: A Decade of
Feminist Writing in
This Magazine
Susan Crean (ed)Second Story Press1992

This Magazine has showcased magnificent critical writing for more than a decade. Through various articles and in its Female Complaints column, writers of the calibre of Margaret Atwood, Susan G. Cole, Timothy Findley, Katherine Govier, Myrna Kostash, Linda McQuaig, and Libby Scheier have explored and exposed a broad spectrum of women’s issues, concerns and experiences. In Twist and Shout, Susan Crean, journalist, author, and This Magazine editor, has taken thirty-five of the best pieces and created a document which paints a provocative and compelling picture of women in contemporary society as seen by some of its most astute observers.

Table of Contents

1. Nationalism, Socialism and Feminism / Margaret Atwood
2. Reflections of Reality: A Canadian Reporter in the West Bank / Linda McQuaig
3. Creativity and Motherhood: Having the Baby and the Book / Libby Scheier
4. Roots of Dissent: Pursuing Bitter History in Basque Country / Theodora Jensen
5. The Advertised Infant: Ivan’s Adventures in Babyland / Carole Corbeil
6. For as Long as the Rivers Flow: An Apocalyptic Preview of Free Trade / Lenore Keesbig-Tobias and David McLaren
7. Images for a Story That Isn’t / Sandy Frances Duncan
8. The Calgary Time Machine: In Olympic City the contest between winners and losers is as old as the town itself / Katherine Govier
9. The Birth of a Murderer / Fauzia Rafiq
10. Women, Violence and the Montreal Massacre / Lee Lakeman
11. Dangerous Determination / Moira Farr
12. Muse in a Female Ghetto: A Portrait of Elizabeth Smart / Rosemary Sullivan
13. Post-Feminism and Power Dressing: Who Says the Women’s Movement has Run Out of Steam / Susan Crean
14. Peace and the Female Principle: A Feminist Look at the Politics of Power / Bonnie Sherr Klein
15. Will the Real Natasha Please Stand Up? Women in the Soviet Union / Myrna Kostash
16. In His Image: Science and Technology / Heather Menzies
17. Of Muffins and Misogyny: REAL Women Get Real / Susan G. Cole
18. Money, Sex and Death: The Return of the Warrior / Donna E. Smyth
19. The Meech Boys: Are Women Up the Lake Without a Paddle? / Susan Riley
20. Lana Speaks! C-54, Where Are You? / Timothy Findley
21. True Norse: Iceland’s Women Show the Way for Newfoundland / Dorothy Inglis
22. “Nellie, We’ve Got Washing Machines”: Working Out on the Family Farm / Susan Glover
23. Hunger / Maggie Helwig
24. Examining the Election Entrails: Whatever Happened to the Gender Gap? / Thelma McCormack
25. Scraping the Surface: Politics and the Pap Smear / Alison Dickie
26. Abortion Justice and the Rise of the Right / Dionne Brand
27. Of Mice and “Batmen (or Woman as Wimp) / Judy MacDonald
28. Jock Traps: The Locker-room Door is Still Closed to Women / Helen Lenskyj
29. The Saga of Space Dorks: Technophilic Flying Boys from Planet Earth / Joyce Nelson
30. Chronology