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Voices of the Survivors

Voices of the SurvivorsPatricia EastealSpinifex1994

The responses of women to a national survey on sexual abuse and rape are presented, with a large percentage of the book made up of survivors comments, letters and stories. The material is arranged by the relationship of the perpetrator to the victim: incest; husbands; estranged partners; dates and boyfriends; acquaintances; authority figures; and strangers.

The title of this book indicates the principal recipients of my gratitude: the survivors. These courageous individuals who wrote to the Australian Institute of Criminology have given us a special part of themselves to share. I hope that the process was cathartic for you and has helped the wounds to heal.

I am grateful to Susan Hawthorne and Renate Klein from Spinifex who encouraged me to write Voices of the Survivors. Also, thank you to all those beautiful women who work in the field of sexual assault for reading early drafts and encouraging me. To friends and sisters in recovery and/or survivorship who were there at the other end of the phone—a lifeline—when the pain became too great: you are all very special people.

Patricia Easteal in “Acknowledgments” Voices of the Survivors

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Out of the Shadows
Chapter 2: Incest
Chapter 3: Husbands
Chapter 4: Estranged Partners
Chapter 5: Dates and Boyfriends
Chapter 6: Acquaintances
Chapter 7: Bosses, Doctors, Priests and Others
Chapter 8: Strangers
Chapter 9: Into the Light

References, Further Readings & Information
Appendix I: Tables and figures from the survey
Appendix II: Services for survivors