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Websters’ First New Intergalactic Wickedary of the English Language

Websters’ First New
Intergalactic Wickedary
of the English Language
Mary Daly, Jane CaputiBeacon Press1987

This long awaited Work is a Wild and humor-filled Source Book of New Words and Weird essays for Wise Women. Spinning off from the words and concepts Mary Daly has created over the years, the Wickedary soars into further Realms while at the same time serving as Guide to the Journey through Daly’s Other books.

Open this book to any page to join the Labyrinthine Journey of the Wickedary. This rollicking and adventurous New work frees language from its patriarchal patterns and from the “academented fraternities of Bearded Brother No-it-alls”. Here are the definitions of words Naming Elemental Realities, the Inhabitants of the Background, and the fatuous foreground world of patriarchy.

Read this book and refute it. Hide it from your students. It violates all the codes of academentia.

Professor Yessir, College of Knowledge
VIRGIN: Wild, Lusty, Never-captured, Unsubdued Old Maid; Marriage Resister / Wickedary / page 177

Table of Contents

The First Phrase: Preliminary Webs
Preliminary Web One: The Wickedary: Its History/Metamystery
Preliminary Web Two: Spelling: The Casting of Spells
Preliminary Web Three: Grammar: Our Wicked Witches’ Hammer
Preliminary Web Four: Pronunciation: Denouncing, Pronouncing, Announcing
Preliminary Web Five: Guides to the Wickedary

The Second Phase: The Core of The Wickedary: Word-Webs
Word-Web One: Elemental Philosophical Words and Phrases and Other Key Words
Word-Web Two: The Inhabitants of the Background, Their Activities and Characteristics
Word-Web Three: The inhabitants of the foeground, their activities and characteristics

The Third Phase: Appendicular Webs
Appendicular Web One: Exposing elementary terms and phrases: mummies, dummies, anti-biotics, and reversals
Appendicular Web Two: Be-Laughing: Nixing, Hexing, and X-ing
Appendicular Web Three: Spinning Beyond the Comprass: Regaining the Sense of Direction
Appendicular Web Four: Jumping Off the doomsday clock: Eleven, Twelve … Thirteen