Woman at Point Zero

Woman at Point ZeroNawal El SaadawiZed Books1975

From Wikipedia: Woman at Point Zero is a novel by Nawal El Saadawi published in Arabic in 1975. The novel is based on Saadawi’s meeting with a female prisoner in Qanatir Prison and is the first-person account of Firdaus, a murderess who has agreed to tell her life story before her execution. The novel explores the themes of women and their place within a patriarchal society.

Initially, Egyptian publishers rejected the book and the first edition was published in Lebanon in 1975. Woman at Point Zero has subsequently been published in twenty-two languages. The English language translation was originally published in 1983 by Zed Books Ltd. in London and Room 400 in New York.

Yet not for a single moment did I have any doubts about my own integrity and honour as a woman. I knew that my profession had been invented by men, and that men were in control of both our worlds, the one on earth, and the one in heaven. That men force women to sell their bodies at a price, and that the lowest paid body is that of a wife. All women are prostitutes of one kind or another.

Nawal El Saadawi, Woman at Point Zero