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Womanspirit Rising: A Feminist Reader in Religion

Womanspirit Rising: A
Feminist Reader in Religion
Judith Plaskow and
Carol Christ
Harper & Row1979

This collection of 20th-century feminist writings attempts to re-think the ideas and traditions of male-dominated Western religion. It provides an overview of contemporary feminist thinking on religion and should appeal to anyone interested in the feminist perspective

The authors published a sequel Weaving the Visions in 1989.

Table of Contents

Indhold: The human situation / Valerie Saiving
Mother earth and the mega machine / Rosemary Radford Ruether
After the death of God the Father / Mary Daly
Reflections on the meaning of Herstory / Sheila Collins
Eve and Adam : Genesis 2-3 reread / Phyllis Trible
Women in the early Christian movement / Elisabeth Fiorenza
The Christian past / Eleanor McLaughlin
What became God the Mother? / Elaine Pagels
When God was a woman / Merlin Stone
Feminist spirituality, Christian identity, and Catholic vision / Elisabeth Fiorenza
Theology in the politics of Appalachian women / Sheila Collins
The dilemma of celebration / Nelle Morton
Female God language in a Jewish context / Rita Gross
Sabbath prayers for women / Naomi Janowitz and Maggie Wenig
Bringing a daughter into the covenant / Judith Plaskow
A Jewish woman’s Haggadah / Aviva Cantor
The coming of Lilith / Judith Plaskow
Why speak about God? / Mary Daly
Dreams and fantasies as sources of revelation: feminist appropriation of Jung / Naomi R. Goldenberg
Spiritual quest and women’s experience / Carol P. Christ
Becoming woman: menstruation as spiritual experience / Penelope Washbourn
Witchcraft and women’s culture / Starhawk
Self-blessing ritual / Zsuzsanna E. Budapest
Why women need the Goddess: phenomenological, psychological, and political reflection / Carol P. Christ