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Women, Race and Class

Women, Race and ClassAngela DavisRandomhouse1981

Ranging from the age of slavery to contemporary injustices, this groundbreaking history of race, gender and class inequality by the radical political activist Angela Davis offers an alternative view of female struggles for liberation.

Tracing the intertwined histories of the abolitionist and women’s suffrage movements, Davis examines the racism and class prejudice inherent in so much of white feminism, and in doing so brings to light new pioneering heroines, from field slaves to mill workers, who fought back and refused to accept the lives into which they were born.

Expediency governed the slaveholders’ posture toward female slaves: when it was profitable to exploit them as if they were men, they were regarded, in effect, as genderless, but when they could be exploited, punished and repressed in ways suited only for women, they were locked into their exclusively female roles. 

Angela Davis, Women, Race and Class

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Legacy of Slavery: Standards for a New Womanhood
Chapter 2: The Anti-Slavery Movement and the Birth of Women’s Rights
Chapter 3: Class and Race in the Early Women’s Rights Campaign
Chapter 4: Racism in the Woman Suffrage Movement
Chapter 5: The Meaning of Emancipation According to Black Women
Chapter 6: Education and Liberation: Black Women’s Perspective
Chapter 7: Woman Suffrage at the Turn of the Century: The Rising Influence of Racism
Chapter 8: Black Women and the Club Movement
Chapter 9: Working Women, Black Women and the History of the Suffrage Movement
Chapter 10: Communist Women
Chapter 11: Rape, Racism and the Myth of the Black Rapist
Chapter 12: Racism, Birth Control and Reproductive Rights
Chapter 13: The Approaching Obsolescence of Housework: A Working-Class Perspective