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Yours in Struggle: Three Feminist Perspectives on Anti-Semitism and Racism

Yours in Struggle: Three Feminist
Perspectives on Anti-Semitism
and Racism
Elly Bulkin, Minnie Bruce Pratt
and Barbara Smith
Long Haul Press1984

Yours in Struggle is a book of essays jointly authored by Elly Bulkin, Minnie Bruce Pratt, and Barbara Smith. It was originally published by Long Haul Press in 1984, and re-issued by Firebrand Books in 1988.

From the introduction: “Yours in Struggle grew out of the three of us having known each other for several years. We are all lesbians who have worked together politically and respect each other’s work. This book happened because we were able to talk to each other in the first place, despite our very different identities and backgrounds—white Christian-raised Southerner, Afro-American, Ashkenazi Jew. Each of us speaks only for herself, and we do not necessarily agree with each other. Yet we believe our cooperation on this book indicates possibilities for coalition work.

We are writing as part of a growing dialogue among women whose backgrounds and political perspectives are far more diverse than our own. We are aware that a great deal more can be said about anti-Semitism and racism than we can possibly say here. And we are particularly aware of how much more needs to be done about these issues. As activists, we hope that our writing will support the organizing being done by women in our communities.”

Table of Contents

Identity: Skin Blood Heart / Minnie Bruce Pratt
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Relationships Between Black and Jewish Women / Barbara Smith
Hard Ground: Jewish Identity, Racism, and Anti-Semitism / Elly Bulkin