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A History of Women Philosophers Volume 1-4

A History of Women Philosophers Volume 1-4Mary Ellen WaitheMartinus Nijhoff Publishers1987-1995

A comprehensive four-part series of books by Mary Ellen Waithe on the contributions by women to the field of Philosophy.

“I decided to attempt to restore women’s contributions to the history of philosophy, and initially believed that the subject would make an interesting article, for, say, the Journal of the History of Philosophy. But the sheer volume of information I collected made it obvious that the ‘article’ would be a book-length one. […] By providing the educator with new material for the classroom teaching of the history of philosophy, and women’s history, we hope to generate a new awareness of women’s contributions to our intellectual heritage.”

Mary Ellen Waithe / Introduction / A History of Women Philosophers Volume 1

Volume 1 (1987): Ancient Women Philosophers 600 B.C. — 500 A.D.
1. Introduction to Volume 1
2. Early Pythagoreans: Themistoclea, Theano, Arignote, Myia, and Damo
3. Late Pythagoreans: Aesata of Lucania, Phintys of Sparta, and Perictione I
4. Late Pythagoreans: Theano II and Perictione II
5. Authenticating the Fragments and Letters
6. Aspasia of Miletus
7. Diotima of Mantinea
8. Julia Domna
9. Makrina
10. Hypatia of Alexandria
11. Arete, Asclepigenia, Axiothea, Cleobulina, Hipparchia, and Lasthenia

Volume 2 (1989): Medieval, Renaissance and Enlightenment Women Philosophers A.D. 500–1600
1. Murasaki Shikibu
2. Hildegard of Bingen
3. Heloise
4. Herrad of Hohenbourg
5. Beatrice of Nazareth
6. Mechtild of Magdeburg
7. Hadewych of Antwerp
8. Birgitta of Sweden
9. Julian of Norwich
10. Catherine of Siena
11. Oliva Sabuco de Nantes Barrera
12. Marie le Jars de Gournay
13. Roswitha of Gandersheim, Christine Pisan, Margaret More Roper and Teresa of Avila

Volume 3 (1991): Modern Women Philosophers, 1600–1900
1. Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle
2. Kristina Wasa, Queen of Sweden
3. Anne Finch, Viscountess Conway
4. Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
5. Damaris Cudworth Masham
6. Mary Astell
7. Catharine Trotter Cockburn
8. Gabrielle Émilie le Tonnelier de Breteuil du Châtelet-Lomont
9. Mary Wollstonecraft
10. Clarisse Coignet
11. Antoinette Brown Blackwell
12. Julie Velten Favre
13. Women Philosophers of the Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Volume 4 (1995): Contemporary Women Philosophers, 1900-Today
1. Victoria, Lady Welby (1837–1912)
2. E. E. Constance Jones (1848–1922)
3. Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860–1935)
4. Lou Salomé (1861–1937)
5. Mary Whiton Calkins (1863–1930)
6. L. Susan Stebbing (1885–1943)
7. Edith Stein (1891–1942)
8. Gerda Walther (1897–1977)
9. Ayn Rand (1905–1982)
10. Cornelia Johanna De Vogel (1905–1986)
11. Hannah Arendt (1906–1975)
12. Simone de Beauvoir (1908–1986)
13. Simone Weil (1909–1943)
14. Twentieth Century Women Philosophers