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Going Out of Our Minds: The Metaphysics of Liberation

Going Out of Our Minds: The Metaphysics of Liberation Sonia Johnson The Crossing Press 1987 This book chronicles Sonia Johnson’s external political journeys and her internal transformations – and the vital connection between. She details the personal and political experiences that turned her against the state, including her run for the Presidency. In the book…

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Speculum of the Other Woman

Speculum of the Other Woman Luce Irigaray Éditions de Minuit 1974 Speculum of the Other Woman by Luce Irigaray is incontestably one of the most important works in feminist theory to have been published in this generation. For the profession of psychoanalysis, Irigaray believes, female sexuality has remained a “dark continent,” unfathomable and unapproachable; its nature…

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A History of Women Philosophers Volume 1-4

A History of Women Philosophers Volume 1-4 Mary Ellen Waithe Martinus Nijhoff Publishers 1987-1995 A comprehensive four-part series of books by Mary Ellen Waithe on the contributions by women to the field of Philosophy. “I decided to attempt to restore women’s contributions to the history of philosophy, and initially believed that the subject would make…

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Outercourse: The Bedazzling Voyage

Outercourse: The Bedazzling Voyage Mary Daly HarperOne 1992 This philosophical autobiography of the world’s foremost radical feminist philosopher offers an imaginative chronicle of Mary Daly’s voyage. Daly sees her work as that of a pirate, righteously plundering treasures of knowledge that have been stolen and hidden from women. In this inventive blend of autobiography and…

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Gyn/Ecology: The Metaethics of Radical Feminism

Gyn/Ecology: The Metaethicsof Radical Feminism Mary Daly Beacon Press 1978 Mary Daly’s New Intergalactic Introduction explores her process as a Crafty Pirate on the Journey of Writing Gyn/Ecology and reveals the autobiographical context of this “Thunderbolt of Rage” that she first hurled against the patriarchs in 1979 and no hurls again in the Re-Surging Movement of Radical…

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Whose Science? Whose Knowledge? Thinking from Women’s Lives

Whose Science? Whose Knowledge?Thinking From Women’s Lives Sandra Harding Open University Press 1991 Whose Science? Whose Knowledge? explores the possibility of a feminist way of knowing and of a feminist science, and the practical consequences a feminist method might have for social, political and gender relations. In the first part of the book Sandra Harding…

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Feminist Theory and the Philosophies of Man

Feminist Theory and thePhilosophies of Man Andrea Nye Routledge 1988 From the Introduction: If the language that women speak, in which they must speak, is tainted with sexism, a sexism deeper than a revisable lexicon, if the grammar of language is itself reflective of male thought, then nothing women can say or write in existing…

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Feminist Philosophies

Feminist Philosophies Janet A. Kourany,James P. Sterba,Rosemarie Tong (eds) Prentice Hall 1992 This anthology of 40 readings is the only one of its kind to combine an extensive discussion of the major problems confronting women with an in-depth analysis of the alternative theoretical and practical means for resolving these issues. It includes race-based critiques as…

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Pure Lust: Elemental Feminist Philosophy

Pure Lust: Elemental FeministPhilosophy Mary Daly Beacon Press 1984 From the Introduction: Pure Lust is double-sided. On the one side, it Names the deadly dis-passion that prevails in patriarchy – the life-hating lechery that rapes and kills the objects of its obsession/aggression…[On the other] it means ‘an intense longing…EAGERNESS, ENTHUSIASM’. Primarily, then, Pure Lust Names…

Lesbian Philosophy

Lesbian Philosophy: Explorations

Lesbian Philosophy: Explorations Jeffner Allen Institute of Lesbian Studies 1986 From the Preface: Lesbian Philosophy evokes the intensity of lesbian passions, which jolt the patriarchal order. My desire to know the worlds of my experience breaks with their more than two thousand year absence in Western philosophy. In the sensuous ambience of a new exuberance,…