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Angels of Power and Other Reproductive Creations

Angels of Power and Other
Reproductive Creations
Susan Hawthorne and
Renate Klein

From Spinifex: In the tradition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, these writers rework images of the body. Imagination, vision and a sense of the absurd come together and demonstrate that women can resist the power of god-like scientists who long to create monsters and angels.

Angels of Power should head the reading list of any course in ethics and reproductive technology.

Karin Lines, Editions

Table of Contents

Angels of Power: A Modern Myth in Two Acts / Sandra Shotlander
Battleground / Susan Eisenberg
Everything is Ova, Dr God: A Story We Once Thought was Fiction / Carmel Bird
Just Another Bit of News / Susan Hawthorne
Crib Colours Fade / Cait Featherstone
Another World / Atholee Scott
Mother-of-All / Lucy Sussex
Raw Material, Egg Harvest, Flushing, In Vitro Fertilization, Eugenics / Thalia
Forgetting Arachnida / Melissa Chan
Alfalfa Salad / Maurilia Meehan
Eggs / Susan Hawthorne
Elly / Mary O’Brien
Better People / Karen Malpede
Tanami Drift / Rosaleen Love
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