The Falling Woman

The Falling Woman Susan Hawthorne Spinifex 1992 From Spinifex: A vivid desert odyssey; the falling woman travels through a haunting landscape of memory, myth and mental maps. Told in three voices – Stella, Estella and Estelle – this is an inspiring story drawn from childhood memories, imagined worlds and the pressing realities of daily life.…


The Spinifex Book of Women’s Answers

The Spinifex Book of Women’sAnswers Susan Hawthorne Spinifex 1991 The Spinifex Book of Women’s Answers is a collection of questions and answers about women artists, scientists, writers and the like, highlighting their achievements and aimed at inspiring more research and reading. A revised edition was published in 1993 as ‘The Spinifex Quiz Book’. From Spinifex:…

Health Motherhood

Angels of Power and Other Reproductive Creations

Angels of Power and OtherReproductive Creations Susan Hawthorne andRenate Klein Spinifex 1991 From Spinifex: In the tradition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, these writers rework images of the body. Imagination, vision and a sense of the absurd come together and demonstrate that women can resist the power of god-like scientists who long to create monsters and…


Difference: Writings by Women

Difference: Writings by Women Susan Hawthorne Waterloo Press 1985 This anthology reflects the diversity of women’s experience. Published to mark the Women 150 Writers Week held in Melbourne during September 1985, the women writers represented in this anthology include Aboriginal women, migrant women from Europe and Asia, those whose works represent class struggles, and lesbian…