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Capitalist Patriarchy and the Case for Socialist Feminism

Capitalist Patriarchy and the
Case for Socialist Feminism
Zillah R. EisensteinMonthly Review Press1978

Capitalist Patriarchy and the Case for Socialist Feminism is a 1978 anthology about socialist feminism edited by Zillah R. Eisenstein.

Fourteen provocative papers on the oppression of women in capitalist countries, coupled with three articles on the subordinate position of women in two communist countries (Cuba and China). These important, often path-breaking articles are arranged in five basic sections, the titles of which indicate the broad range of issues being considered: Introduction; motherhood, reproduction, and male supremacy; socialist feminist historical analysis; patriarchy in revolutionary society; socialist feminism in America. The underlying thrust of the book is toward integrating the central ideas of radical feminist thought with those pivotal for Marxist or socialist class analysis.

The recognition of women as a sexual class lays the subversive quality of feminism for liberalism because liberalism is premised upon women’s exclusion from public life on this very class basis. The demand for real equality of women with men, if taken to its logical conclusion, would dislodge the patriarchal structure necessary to a liberal society.

Zillah R. Eisenstein in Capitalist Patriarchy and the Case for Socialist Feminism

Table of Contents

Developing a Theory of Capitalist Patriarchy
and Socialist Feminism / Zillah Eisenstein
Some Notes on the Relations of Capitalist Patriarchy / Zillah Eisenstein
Feminist Theory and the Development of Revolutionary Strategy / Nancy Hartsock

Motherhood, Reproduction, and Male Supremacy
Mothering, Male Dominance, and Capitalism / Nancy Chodorow
The Struggle for Reproductive Freedom: Three Stages of Feminism / Linda Gordon

Socialist Feminist Historical Analysis
The Nineteenth-Century Woman Suffrage Movement and the Analysis of Women’s Oppression / Ellen DuBois
Femininity and Capitalism in Antebellum America / Mary P. Ryan

Capitalist Patriarchy and Female Work
Women’s Domestic Labor / Jean Gardiner
The Other Side of the Paycheck: Monopoly Capital and the Structure of Consumption / Batya Weinbaum and Amy Bridges
Capitalism, Patriarchy, and Job Segregation by Sex / Heidi Hartmann
Woman’s Place Is at the Typewriter: The Feminization of the Clerical Labor Force / Margery Davies

Patriarchy in Revolutionary Society
Emerging from Underdevelopment: Women and Work in Cuba / Carollee Bengelsdorf and Alice Hageman
Introducing the Family Code / Margaret Randall
When Patriarchy Kowtows: The Significance of the Chinese Family Revolution for Feminist Theory / Judith Stacey

Socialist Feminism in America
The Berkeley-Oakland Women’s Union Statement
The Combahee River Collective: A Black Feminist Statement
Dissolving the Hyphen: A Report on Marxist-Feminist Groups
Rosalind Petchesky